Everything Ends Nothing Ends Well

by Swampboots

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Oh darlin’ Omie / What have they done / You begged for help / Yet received none / Oh, where has the justice gone these days Gonna go and get myself a gun / Gonna get myself some hangin’ rope They didn’t mean to rob you / They weren’t simple thieves / They weren’t hunting you at all / They were after me / Oh, the flowers of a sinful past in bloom They came for the house / I asked for another month / The bank turned me away / So I made a deal with a crooked judge / Oh, A demon’s fee is always due Must ‘a been some bank rolled cops / That shot my Omie dead / Cause when I found her / She was handcuffed and face down on the ground / Oh, honor don’t mean much these days I track em to a barren field / Must be five or six / Rifles, pistols, badges glowing yellow in headlight lamps / Omie, I’d burn it all down to have you back in my arms If they get me before I get them / Throw my corpse on the courthouse steps
Jitka 04:46
She drifts down a sidewalk off ‘a Avenue B / Cursed, broke, too faint to be seen / So she hunts black magic in the cinematheque / Catches his gaze from two seats back Sullen eyes / Tangled white in projected light / Speak low and soft / the only language she still trusts Don’t leave just yet She’s just dying to be set free / From wasted love and crowded streets, her solitary / She’s just a slave to a heart in chains / Only dying to be set free Shadows of affection stretch / Beneath flickering beams and a possessed screen / Slip down her neck / Glide over her hips and kiss the crease of her breast Don’t leave just yet There’s an abandoned station / Off of the local 6 / Stay on at the last stop / The train’ll loop through it / That’s where she goes / When she’s loneliest / That’s where she’d take him / And that’s’ where she’d tell him / That she counts the tiles on the wall / And holds her breath / Pretends she’s Monica Vitti / Forgets herself But she won’t take him She’s just dying to be set free / From wasted love and crowded streets, her solitary / She’s just a slave to a heart in chains / Only dying to be set free
She is a church solemn and cold / Lillies surround her left in the name of a mother’s love / Buried beneath a stoic altar wrapped in a tomb of grace and trust /So many offerings unhonored, So many hymns of praise unheard The one she needs the most is gone Used to hear bells chime and walk in through open doors / The pipe organ used to sing like a saint before the sword / Now she’ll take confession, but never offer communion / The cup of blood has soured and nothing’s left of the body but crumbs The one she needs the most is gone There’s no one left to tend the garden or sweep the floor / Her benches all rest empty, angelic robes never worn / You’d give anything to lift her into the heaven she deserves / But how can she ascend when she’s made of glass and stone The one she needs the most is gone
After you’ve conquered the known world of your day / And ruled over studio and stage / After you’ve slain all the giants of your youth / And befriended and defiled the famous Boys become men Men end up dead And the children you’ve raised love you in their way / Not knowing you only knowing you’d leave / When you longed for an ear or a woman to fear / When you were trapped in a fog of rejection Boys become men Men end up dead And all the women you’ve loved have combined into one / She doesn’t have a name or a body / Some nights you long to remember them all / Some days you pray to forget Boys become men Men end up dead
Ice Storm 04:21
Cut me right / Night of ice Bleed me slow / Blessed low I need you / Don’t let me down Don’t pass by / Starless skies Don’t let go / Crystal storm I need you / Don’t let me down Hope is wasted time Numb my hands / All my skin Numb my lungs / Still my breath Bind my heart / Night of ice Hope is wasted time
Everything ends / Nothing ends well / Heaven and hell / Prayers and spells won’t keep us around / There’s sky and there’s ground / Oceans and stars / But the things that we feel / Some solid and real can’t save us at all They only wear us down / And force us tight to our blood / So we never escape / Our bodies or fate we’ll never be whole / Cause I know you’re so tired / I am too / But one day we’ll sleep / So quiet so deep don’t leave me tonight. When you were a child / Did love appear as a friend / Always just round the corner / Waiting for you did you give it a name / Did you hold it so tight / Did it whisk you away / Girl no one’s dead yet / You can believe again I’d run back to your side


Recorded in 24 hours at Mercy Sound Studios, NYC. Mixed at Tea Factory, BK.


released September 6, 2011

All Music and Lyrics written by Dylan Schultz.

Dylan Schultz - Drums, Acoustic, Piano, Vox
Ryan Traster - Bass, Electric Guitar, Harmonies, Drums 4
Brian Peck - Violin
Jacob Wick - Trumpet
Jon Notar - Piano 6, Organ, Aux Percussion
Mike Leech - Gang Vox, Documentarian
Michael McGarthwaite - Pedal Steel

Engineered by Jon Notar
Produced by Ryan Traster
Mixed by Ryan Traster & Dylan Schultz

Cover Photo and Layout by Emily Myerscough


all rights reserved



Swampboots Brooklyn, New York

Purity is far from Truth.

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